▷ What Goes Under Artificial Turf Escondido?

What Goes Under Artificial Grass In Escondido?

What Goes Under Artificial Turf Escondido

Artificial grass is an excellent form of decoration for your home, especially if you’re aiming for a contemporary look . It can be used in gardens, balconies, verandas, rooftops , as well as in offices.

Preparation Is Everything

Preparation will include levelling the ground if it’s uneven, removing any stones or rocks , making sure there are no sharp objects, and compacting the ground to make it sturdy.

Remove Everything

You may think that artificial grass is just swept together with whatever is underneath, but this isn’t the case. Once you lay your artificial grass down, whatever was under it will need to be completely removed so that there is no debris or dirt left.

Use Power Washer

After you remove everything, use a power washer (if possible) and put down an adhesive membrane like geotextile cloth . If you want to, you can also lay down weed barrier fabric and landscape fabric.

However, we appreciate that it’s not always in your budget to get a power washer or landscape fabric, especially if your artificial grass is going over concrete. In this circumstance, you can still lay your cloth and gravel on top of the concrete without any problems.

Place A Layer Of Crushed Stone

After laying your artificial grass down, place a layer of crushed stone over the entire area and put down a piece of black rubber. This will form an even base for your artificial grass to go on top. Once all of this is done, start unrolling your grass and laying it down.

Having Layers Underneath

There are several important reasons why artificial turf must have other layers underneath it. First of all, gravel will keep the grass sturdy and even while preventing weed growth underneath the artificial grass. Secondly, the water drainage layer ( fabric or rubber ) must be present to allow water to drain through it so that your grass doesn’t rot . Thirdly, you’ll need insulation if your area can get really hot, so the heat doesn’t melt the artificial grass.


A subbase will help provide a level surface for the artificial grass to sit on. It can be made out of anything like metal, wood , brick, or stone. Subbases can be made from a variety of different materials including crushed granite and Mot type. They should be around 40-45mm thick and strong enough to bear the weight of people walking on top .

The very first layer is a geotextile fabric. It’s basically a sheet that you use so water can drain through it easily. There should be an adhesive lining underneath it, otherwise the ground could shift and ruin everything. The final layer is the grass itself, which you’ll need to cut and secure around the edges .


Artificial lawns come in a wide range of textures, so be sure to ask your supplier about the different options! It’s also important to check what the grass is made up of. For more details about Artificial Grass Escondido’s Services, contact us at (760) 913-1344.